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Mercer Street Financial 

Where We Know Few Things in Life Are More Personal Than One’s Finances

Get to Know Us

Financial Advisor, Bellaire TX

Financial Planning, Bellaire TX | Mercer Street

Independent | Advice-Only | Fiduciary 

Financial Planning and Investment Advice

At Mercer Street, we believe financial planning services should be available to anyone, not just to those with a high net worth. Thus, we aim to offer a level of service that is comparable to traditional wealth management firms and family offices but at a fraction of the cost. We do this by charging fees for our services on an hourly basis, so you only pay for the services you want and need.

Our bill rate starts at US$450 per hour. This means it doesn’t take a lot of money to receive objective, high-quality financial advice. Whether you have $100 thousand or $100 million to invest, you can expect the same quality of service.

Who We Work With & How We Do It

We can work with you wherever you're at in life, but our service offerings tend to resonate with:

Financial Planning for Small Business Owners

Business Owners

International Financial Planning

Professionals with International Lives

Financial Planning for Growing Families

College-bound Families

We offer life-focused financial planning, which means that we help you discover how to be more intentional about your life and personal finances. We believe that a rich life is not about how much money one has, but rather the sense of personal fulfillment derived from life's journey.

Houston is home for us, but so long as you have a device that can connect to the internet, we are not bound by geography.

Our Services

Personal Financial Services

Financial Planning and Investment Advisement

Tax Consulting

Individual and Business Tax Consulting

Business Consulting Services

Outsourced CFO and Contract Financial Planner

Cryptocurrency Advisor

Cryptocurrency Investment Advisement and Tax Consulting

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Why Work With a CPA Financial Planner?

Someone Who Has Your Best Interests at Heart

A founding principle of the AICPA Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services and the CPA Code of Professional Conduct is to “always act in the best interest of the client,” an exceptionally important factor in selecting a financial planner.

Additionally, we are subject matter experts on blockchain technology such as cryptocurrencies. We believe that this is an exciting, complex space that requires guidance from someone trustworthy, like a CPA financial planner.

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